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Welcome to Acuraglobe- Novel Supportive Nutrition

About Us

Who we are

Acuraglobe develops and markets safe, high quality, innovative products that help meet the nutritional needs across all age groups.
Grounded in science and nature and our purpose is to deliver better nutrition for every step of life’s journey.
Today the awareness of the importance of nutrition in improving the overall health and wellbeing is increasing. So do the search for better, healthier and smarter nutritional solutions.
Acuraglobe takes pure and clean ingredients and using our expert knowledge and capabilities we produce high-quality products for our customers and consumers worldwide.
Acuraglobe is committed to create a healthy ecosystem by providing the highest quality nutritional products that strengthen and increase the human lives.
This rigorous approach drives our innovation and is key to our continued momentum. Nutrition describes what we do – taking pure and clean ingredients and using our expertise to produce high-quality nutritional consumer products.
Trust is essential to our success – we reflect this trust in our relationships with our consumers and healthcare professionals.

Our Purpose

To Deliver the better science based nutrition for every step of life’s journey.


To be the World’s leading Nutrition Company.


Build a healthy ecosystem around us by strengthening oneself from inside. This is to be created by becoming the Most preferred choice of Nutrition manufacturer and supplier.


We specialize in offering best-in-class international products using the latest technologies and highest quality through our owned and other associate Manufacturing facilities certified with latest quality certifications in the industry.
We believe better quality of life begins with a better quality of product. This is achieved by ensuring that each of our manufacturing locations is compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices.
Our Manufacturing facilities are FSSAI Approved, ISO 22000 Certified, GMP Complaint, with quality control and quality assurance as per desired standards.

Quality & Safety Policy:
Develop & Deliver Safe and Qualitative Products in the Health and Nutrition Space

With over an experience of two decades, our team helps create ideas into highest quality and most effective, science based marketable products.
Having rich experience in sourcing the niche nutritional raw ingredient from the various reputed manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, Acuraglobe takes great pride in all our products to ensure optimal quality.
An exhaustive series of industry-leading internal and external Quality Assurance procedures are conducted on our raw materials.
Our strict Quality Assurance practices begin with research to determine the raw ingredients that will be selected. Only the highest quality materials are used in our products.

Managing Director's Message


“Acuraglobe” A collection of many ideas coming together with great passion and commitment for improving health, backed by science.

Here at “Acuraglobe, we promote world class nutraceutical supplements defined by many year of research and expertise with an innovative approach.

As a company, we have the privilege to serve humanity with excellent nutrition supplements. We strongly believe in creating products, which add value to human health and results in healthier and happier life.

“Acuraglobe” delivers greater satisfaction to its customers, channel partners and associates by applying international standards of back-end operations and supply chain. We understand the real problems related to the requirement of quality supplements at different medical conditions and at different stages of life and thus we find ourselves better than anyone to address the actual health problems.



What sets “Acuraglobe” apart from other Indian companies is the fact that it’s a company led by academics rather than business professionals. Our products are human-centric.

We assess what humans require to lead a healthy life, find a way to fulfill that need in the safest & most efficient way,  and  deliver products  of utmost quality. We only create products that we wouldn’t hesitate giving to our loved ones.  With such a customer-centric approach and an experienced team to back us, we foresee a day when every household in India will be using “Acuraglobe” products. That’s not our goal however.

Our aim is to help our populace live healthier and longer. With the widespread use of the right supplements at the right time, we can increase the average life expectancy of India manifold. Here’s to building a stronger and happier nation.